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On Carolyn, Author, Creator & Facilitator:

Carolyn is a highly intuitive and insightful facilitator who can help you see yourself in a different light so that you can re-align to your path. Jennifer L. St. Catharines, ON

Carolyn, I want to really honor your commitment to following your dream and serving humanity in this way. Sandra J.  Godfrey. ON

Your unique presentation added an element of artistry and depth to our day, the only complaint being that the presentation was too short!!  Personally, I am delighted to finally meet you in person and look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.  Oksana S.  Welland, ON

On Art from the Heart Adventure Book:

Chocked full of amazing pearls of wisdom and written in bold, large printing with full color illustrations, this book discards the usual page design format and creates its own unique presentation.  Vaguely reminiscent of Sark’s wildly individualistic approach, Carolyn even turns the text into artwork. An obvious personal reflection, Art from the Heart Adventures uses colored reproductions and analysis of Carolyn’s actual art experiences to explain the concept and technique.  Self-therapy is evident within the ‘heartworks’, the writing, the whole context of the book, opening an intimate exchange between the reader and author. It’s fun to look at, interesting to read and easy to understand.   Lori D. Chippewa, ON

On The Audio Workshops:

Thank you so much for the trip tapes.  I finally got to take the first one and had an excellent experience I wanted to tell you about.  On my 2 fear drawings there were a couple of images that were particularly interesting to me, so after I analyzed both the pictures and figured out what they meant I felt moved to make another drawing of the resolution of fear using the images from the other 2 pictures. And what I felt would symbolize the “correction’ of my particular fear complex.  It was definitely a WOW, WOW, WOW experience.  I like yours and Vic’s voices and the background music/sounds.  Thanks again!  Love, Paulette S.  Fort Erie

On Workshops:

I learned about listening to my intuition and following my heart.  This is an experience where you listen to your heart and put it all onto paper with no expectations on what the outcome will be.  Melissa P. Burlington

Great way of learning about yourself and get to know what really lies in your subconscious mind.  I learned I am taking on more than I can handle and to GROW myself more by making time for ME!   Mirian  A.  Oakville

This is an amazing, simplistic opportunity to lift our own knowing and intuition.  It is a way to doodle into spirit.   Gloria M.  St. Catharines

This is a good way to get rid of negative feelings and turn them into positive feelings – a good way to heal. It is so wonderful, so enlightening, and very helpful in putting us on our path and following through.  Ida M.   Thorold

This workshop came to me at a time in my life when I really needed to get rid of a lot of intense rage from within. The internalizing would have made me very ill.    Gwen T.  Toronto

It is an insight into yourself and learning you would not think you could accomplish.    Helen M.  Niagara Falls, Can

It has totally opened my perception of spirituality and it tells me I am not alone.  yellow Ivana P. St. Catharines

This teaches you that there are so many wonderful insights available if you allow it to happen.   Teresa A.  St. Catharines

What a gentle, wonderful approach to self healing and self discovery, I was able to see the healing I have done and where I am going on this healing and self love journey.   Darlene R.  St. Catharines

On the Children's Creative Journal:

 This book was a hit to entertain and capture the interest of our grandchildren who are within the ages of 4 to 14..

When beginning to engage the interest of the 4 year old grandson, his response to  asking him what bugs him sometimes was..."I don't know"...then after he began the steps into colouring he followed up his comment offering that..."grandma, sometimes bees bug me".  As his first venting exercise was completed the drawing on the page resembled a large moving face of a  bumble bee.

As for the comments from our 7, 9. 10 11 and 14 year old grandchildren when they jumped into this adventure, their words were..."This is fun".."can I do more?"..."Can I do all the sections in this book?' "I like this book, Grandma"..."Look what I drew!".  The newness and surprise of their abstract drawing creations captivated them.

This reaction pulled in the attention of their parents and brought up comments of praise and genuine surprise in the skills of their children as well as interest in this creative venting process.  The next day these books and markers were eagerly pulled out and taken on a road trip to the cottage.

This children's book "What really really Bugs Me Sometimes" was a hit to entertain and capture the interest of our eight grandchildren and their parents. I have since recommended it to other grandparents and parents to assist them to gain insight into a child's emotions.

Grandma Gloria, St. Catharines, Ontario