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The “Light”er Side of Venting Your Anger & Frustrations Away

(Best Suited For Adults, Adolescents Within A Corporate/Business/Educational, Wellness Group)

Experience this fun, interactive presentation by Carolyn Shannon, teacher, author & intuitive counselor. Drawing from her stressful experiences as both an Educator & Customer Service Provider, Carolyn shares with you some of the humorous venting techniques she used on the job to keep her temper & sanity.  In this 2 hour workshop she teaches others to express their daily anger & frustrations in a fun, interactive & light-hearted way, using tools that are easy to keep close at hand for a “Quick Fix” when needed.  Put a “smile” on the faces of your employees & lighten up today.

NOW Available in 2 Formats:

45 minute 7 Technique Interactive Presentation (Need Chairs) Most Popular with Small Staffs &/Or Large Audience Type Groups!

2 hours 9 Technique Creative Interactive Presentation Includes Colouring (Need Tables & Chairs) Good for Convention Break Out Groups!

(Complementary 15 minute Laughter Yoga Session With Either of the Above Workshops)


Onsite Workshops Outside Niagara Region CANADA? 

7 Technique Format:

$30.00 per person for Small Groups of 14 or Less

$20.00 per person for Medium Groups of 15-25

$10.00 per person for Large Groups of 26-50

9 Technique Format:

$50.00 per person for Small Groups of 12 or less 

$30.00 per person for on-site Medium  Groups(13-20)

$20.00 per person for Large Groups (21-50)


Having a Retreat or Convention in Niagara Falls CANADA? 

Offer Your Participants a fun, interactive workshop to break up the day. 

7 Techniques: $100.00 flat rate*  10-50 participants

                           $150.00 flat rate*  51-75 participants

                           $200.00 flat rate*  76 - 100 participants


9 Techniques:  $200.00 flat rate*  10-60 participants.


To Receive This Flat Rate The Following Criteria MUST be Met:

*MUST supply Projector & Screen for Powerpoint Presentation

* Headset Microphone for group over 25 if possible

* MUST be paid $50.00 Up Front

* MUST be guaranteed time slot right after lunch  or supper to insure time necessary for set up (Need minimum half hour set up time)


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