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Many recent studies say that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is good for you. I agree.

However in the past I was a chocoholic to the degree that I used my credit card to purchase it on the way home from work. Of course, I couldn't just buy one thing so I began running up debt by adding things I didn't really need just to justify the purchase of the real fix.

Now when I say I was a chocoholic, understand how extreme my addiction was. A teacher at the time with my class selling chocolate covered almonds I was eating up to 3 boxes a day to support my habit and in the process draining myself financially yet again. I had also gained 20 pounds.

As it progressed, I found myself eating really bad tasting chocolate just to get my fix and try to save money. I knew then that I needed to stop. I was starting to get migraines when I ate it and when I tried to withdraw from it. I became comatose after each binge. It was really getting out of hand. I knew I had to go cold turkey and was scared to death!

It was at that time that I was gifted with the development of my creative outlet, called Art from the Heart Adventures©. It not only replaced my addiction by putting me into an active meditation before I left for work and came home from work, during commercials, and whenever I got the urge.  Through this colouring process I began to discover where the empty void calling out for chocolate came from.

When I was a child after losing my father my mom had to raise 3 of us on a very small widower’s pension. Once a month she had a friend take her shopping at the Towers. Each time she purchased one of those chunky chocolate bar pieces just for her. Occasionally, when she felt like sharing, we got one square. This became symbolic of how my mother handed out her love at that time, in small unexpected doses. Chocolate equaled love to me.

It then became clear that this addiction had taken over now, when I had decided to end my marriage and was already feeling the loss of love.

This craving still surfaces with one difference. I am now empowered enough to choose whether I will allow myself to succumb for a short period of time without guilt or simply distract myself by doing a heartwork instead. In practicing this process of self-love (taking time for myself), the void is filled. So, if I start to indulge on a daily basis I know it is definitely time to get out my markers!

Yes sometimes we crave because we are in need of the nutrients that may be missing in our diet. However if this is not the case it may be time you looked at your craving from another view.

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Carolyn Shannon is an Author, Artist, Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Speaker, Laughter Yoga Leader & Owner of True Emotions Artwork Plus & Empowerment Starts Here (Umbrella for Venting CreativelyLaugh YOURSELF Healthier The Women of Worth Magazine )